When you are waking up in the morning are you motivated to wake up and get out of bed? What is the first thought you have as you are waking up?

As I am growing, I have realized how important it is to be thankful for everything that is put on our life paths. Each person we interact with, things we can smell, what we touch, what we see and what we fill our day's with. I love being able to wake up and think about the opportunities that are possible each day. I love that as humans we have the ability to shine our own light and spread love wherever we go. I love that we are constantly being faced with challenges and barriers. I have realized that in our lives everything does not happen for a reason. I used to believe this but life this perception has shifted. Instead, I have realized that life is happening for us on purpose.

I know that we all have a calling here and the universe wants us to live this. Everyday we are given choices. As humans we can spread love wherever we go. Find the love in everything wherever you go. Be aware and pay attention to the people you interact with. I love that we have ability to respond before reacting to individuals. We have the ability to shift our negative thoughts into more positive thoughts. In life we have ability to choose the foods we fuel our bodies with, we decide how much water we want to drink. You have the choice to say no to people. You do not always have to say yes to things especially if it completely unrealistic.

I love that we have the ability to make our own life schedule. We can literally schedule every single hour of the day if we want. Or we can let life happen and let the universe decide what we are supposed to be doing. I know that for every action we take their will be an outcome. This outcome does not necessarily mean it will be a bad one. You never know it might end up being something good or great. Maybe even something we have never even thought of. This is one of the reasons why life is so lovely. Tune into what your heart is telling you and that feeling, allow yourself to feel uncomfortable. If you begin to let go of what you can't control your life might begin to shift. Let go of the habits and behaviors that are no longer serving you. You can begin to develop amazing new ones. Try different foods, style your hair differently, change your wardrobe, read something different, listen to something different and always keep your heart open to new opportunities and possibilities.

What I am really trying to say is don't get stuck on what you think your plan might be. Keep your perception of life open. Remember when we were younger and were asked what we wanted to be when we grow up. Or what we wanted to do when we get older? This has always stuck with me because how are we really supposed to know at such a young age? Actually, we begin to learn this as we grow older and wake up to a new day. Each day we have the chance to figure out who we want to be as a person. We have the choice to be comfortable where we are at or we can choose to do something different. You can work a job that you hate or move to something different and find the love in a new job role.

Do not just go through the motions of everyday life. Find what motivates you the most. Learn when you feel the most energized. Go to bed earlier and start your day earlier. Take a nap and allow your mind to slow down. Let your family know how much you love them. Call a friend you have not spoken to in awhile. Take more pictures. Establish yourself. Slow down. Love and be thankful that you are alive. See the good in every situation but also be aware of what your heart and your body is telling you. Do not just do something because you think this is what they would want you to do. Love that you have the choice to shift your life the way you see fit. You don't have to do the same thing forever!



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