The top twenty ways which can help you to improve and enhance your well-being!

Think about the activities which you are most passionate about, what is motivating for you, what activities do you love doing and want do you wish to add more of in your life? What activities are a calling for you?

  1. Engage in self-talk, self-reflection and normalizing checking in with yourself and engage in conversation with yourself. Reflect on what is working really well for you and also looking at the areas which you can make improvements. Then think of the ways you could improve on the aspects of your life which are not working for you. (self-improvement and self-development).

  2. Monitor your thoughts, feeling and emotions and write them down into your journal (thought log). Track how you are feeling as you are moving throughout your day. Take note of the times in the day when you feel really good. Also being aware of the times when you are feeling less energized. Notice what you are doing when you are not feeling at your best. Incorporate more time doing the things which will make you feel happier and overall, better in that moment.

  3. Connect with a loved one or friend who is a safe person for you (someone who makes you feel happy). Have a phone conversation with them or send someone a positive message letting them know that you are thinking of them. Or even go out to eat with someone or have a coffee time with someone special.

  4. Eat some fruits and vegetables with your meals throughout the day. By doing this you might begin to notice you will have more energy as you are moving throughout the day. Be mindful of the foods you are putting in your body. But also, be aware of how you feel when you are incorporating those feel-good foods into your diet.

  5. Learning something new such as reading something which is interesting to you or watching a video that is interesting to you and stretch your brain and knowledge.

  6. Taking 30 minutes and using this time to incorporate this into your day. But being mindful of what your body needs. Things such as going on a short walk, taking time, and doing 30 minutes of yoga, do 30 minutes of core or strength training at home or at the gym. Adding exercise to your life can improve, increase your self-esteem and your self-confidence level.

  7. Have a smoothie for lunch with spinach and vitamins or even a smoothie with your favorite fruits (today I had a strawberry, banana, vanilla yogurt, and protein infused smoothie). My boyfriend said he felt more energized after the smoothie today. Tomorrow's menu is calling for a spinach smoothie with turmeric, ginger, pineapple, banana, and skim milk.

  8. Read some positive affirmations on Pinterest.

  9. Do something nice for someone you care deeply about such as a family member, a friend or for your significant other.

  10. Listen to meditative, relaxing or yoga music or make a playlist which includes your feel-good songs.

  11. Think about one thing you can do to improve your well-being and do whatever comes to mind for you in the moment.

  12. Spend time by water if you are living somewhere which is warm and comfortable for you (think of what your safe place is and where you feel most calm and relaxed). If you don‘t have access to a body of water then you can take time to imagine what your safe or calm place is for you.

  13. Fueling your body with plenty of water throughout the day. Challenge yourself to drink a cup of water throughout each hour of your day. I have been adding lemon to my water to enhance the taste. I also bought electrolyte packs off of Amazon for pretty cheap and I have been putting them in my water.

  14. Add more fun activities to your life and think about ways which you can make your life more fun and enjoyable. I make sure to schedule this into my days.

  15. Shift the focus of your mind to be on the present moment and focus on being engaged with what you are doing right now.

  16. Take more pictures of activities and the things you enjoy doing.

  17. Incorporate a self-care routine for yourself. Hot bath, face mask, bath bomb and relax watching a favorite show or reading a book.

  18. Spending time in mediation and prayer. Throughout life coaching we could incorporate and practice a meditative routine which would feel good for you.

  19. Write down your worries on a sticky note, in your journal or on a piece a paper. Once you write these worries down throughout the day come back to them later. If it is something which you believe needs to be reflected on later. (allow yourself to spend 10-20 minutes a day and this is the time you will allow yourself to worry).

  20. Make a gratitude list daily and write down the top activities, upcoming events, or memories which you are thankful for today. You could do this in the mornings when you first wake up and then again in the evening before you fall asleep. This way you are training your body to wake up with things which bring you joy and happiness right when you wake up. Then again at nighttime you can reflect on the day and what was most meaningful or what you are most thankful for from the day. (Or you can think about pictures which can describe what you are grateful from the day).

I have added some pictures of some of the things I am grateful for! I love to take pictures of what reminds me of some of the things I have been grateful for (see pictures added below).

Grayson laying down and enjoying the sunshine.

Reading a chapter of a book for class down by the river last week.

Vegetarian vegetable medley for dinner this past Sunday evening!

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