The benefits of having a life coach and what a life coach can help you with!

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Have you wondered if you should get a life coach? There are a number of things to consider when deciding if you might want to get a coach. You might wonder what to look for in a life coach. A coach is someone who is encouraging, motivating, someone who can help guide you and walk with you to help you continue moving forward on your journey. A coach is also someone who is curious, creative, and ambitious. A life coach might be another set of eyes to help see farther down your path. They can help guide you with deciding which path you might want to go down next. Or maybe you are wondering if the path you want to move down is the correct path for you. Is there something which you want to do in your life, but you aren't sure if you should follow through with it? A coach can help you make you big dreams a reality. Are you living the life you want to live? A coach can help you figure out who you want to be as a person or help you realize how you want to show up in the world. If you decide to pursue a life coach you will develop and action list/plan. As you are working on the steps in your action plan a coach will help you put your life into a positive perspective. You will learn how to shine your own light in the world. You could learn ways to live in the present moment and not be in constant worry about what your future holds. A life coach can help you with coping with symptoms of anxiety or depression. Do you want to be able to move throughout the day and be in control of your symptoms of anxiety or depression? If you find the right coach, they can help you with developing an action plan for the day to help you better manage and live with your anxiety or depression.

Here are some of the different types of coaches!

  1. Relationship Coaching- Help you with developing ways to improve your interpersonal relationships (communicating effectively, learn ways to balance your relationships, work and personal life). A relationship coach also helps you decide what your needs are in a relationship with a significant other.

  2. Career Coaching- Learning what major you should choose in college in order to begin developing yourself into a career. Learn ways to prevent burnout at work and how to handle burnout. Learn ways to become happier at work. Do you want guidance and coaching on how to change job roles?

  3. Wellness Coaching/Self-care- Develop ways to improve your overall wellness and well- being. Develop a self-care plan to enhance your well-being. Learn some ways to take better care of yourself. Learn ways to become the best version of yourself.

  4. Life Coaching- Life coaches will help you to develop your full potential. A life coach also helps guide you through major life transitions. A new relationship, divorce, death of a loved one, financial challenges. loss of a job and making a serious career change or wanting to enhance your overall life.

  5. Mental Health Coaching- Learn effective ways to improve your mental health. Name the anxiety or depressive symptoms and begin working on a plan to decrease them. Learn ways to improve your mental health and make your mental health a priority in your life.

  6. Spiritual Coaching- Learning ways to connect with the universe and your higher power. Learning how to be more in tune with the universe.

  7. Purpose Coaching- Work on developing your life purpose, develop your life mission and vision. Learn how to begin living your life purpose and what you are called here to do. Figure out who you are as a person and who you want to be as a person. Work on living your life on purpose.

  8. Health Coaching- Improving your health overall and learn what is good for your body. What do you need more of in your life? What do you need less of in your life? Work on tuning into your body and being aware of how it feels. Work on letting go of bad habits and making new and healthy habits.

  9. Mindfulness Coaching- Will help you to begin adding a meditation practice to your life routine. Work on being in the present moment and stopping and taking the time to meditate. Learn when you should meditate and how often you should do this practice.

  10. Financial Coaching: Learn ways to better balance your money and your finances. Learn ways to save and budget your money. Do you have a vacation you want to really go on and you want to begin saving money for. Figure out if you need a different/higher paying job. Figure out your needs and wants financially.

Live your life on purpose!

Sincerely, Saige


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