Self-reflection and setting intentions for 2021!

WOW! I had an interesting thought when I first woke up this morning regarding saying goodbye to 2020. Instead of making a new year’s resolution I thought about making a new year’s intention instead. For me when I think about setting an intention it really makes me think about a few different things.

First it makes me think about all of the things that I want to let go of before moving into the new year. The second thought I had is to think about all of the amazing things you have accomplished in 2020. Think about all of your big and small wins. Also, while reflecting on 2020 this might be challenging because it seems like it has been such a roller coaster. There has been plenty of high high’s and low lows. Am I right? But to sit and think about how the universe works is truly something. I have found when you take life day by day it is much easier this way. Yes, you can plan how you want your new year to be for yourself. You should also remember that there are lots of things in life which are out of our control. Sometimes life will flow smoother when we let go of wanting to control every single thing that can happen in our lives. Try letting the universe do it's thing!

So, you might be wondering about what setting an intention looks like. Here is a small list of ideas you can think about when you are setting your intention for the new year. I am going to challenge you to make a new years intention for 2021. Also try to spend 5-10 minutes reflecting on 2020!


What you are most looking forward to into 2021?

Do you want to start a career? Change jobs?

Have healthier relationships and boundaries with the individuals in your life?

Do you want to drink more water and have a balanced healthy diet?

Do you want to improve your agreements? Do you need to make less agreements?

What are three small or big goals you have for yourself in the new year?

Another thing you could think about is about the habits and behaviors which you might not want to take into the new year with you.

Is there anything that is no longer serving your life purpose?

Do you want to begin adding exercise and more feel good activities into your days?

Do you want to increase your overall happiness?

Have a self-care plan?

Learn more effective coping strategies to decrease symptoms of depression and anxiety?

Do you want to learn how to become more self-confident or work on increasing your self esteem?

Is there anything you want to challenge yourself to accomplish in the new year?

Do you need to forgive anyone? Yourself?

Do you want to show more gratitude and spread more love in the universe?

Do you want to spend less time on social networking?

Save money?

Spend more time outdoors and in nature?

What will you do with your free time or down time?