Questions a life coach can help you problem solve!

  1. What is my life purpose?

  2. What are my strengths?

  3. What are my gifts?

  4. What are my core values?

  5. How can I develop ways to feel better?

  6. How can I incorporate healthy balance, structure, and space into my life?

  7. How can I overcome my current barriers and challenges?

  8. How can I begin having more productive days?

  9. How can I have less bad days?

  10. How can I improve my psychical health?

  11. How can I improve my mental health?

  12. How can I identify my triggers?

  13. How can I overcome my triggers?

  14. How can I increase my self-esteem and self-confidence levels?

  15. How can I improve my spiritual being?

  16. How can I begin to have more focus on the present moment?

  17. How can I incorporate exercise into my daily routine?

  18. How can I overcome and work through feelings of burnout, fatigue, and insomnia?

  19. How do I live my life calling?

  20. How can I make positive and healthier choices for myself?

  21. How do I know if I need to make a career change because I do not love the work that I am doing?

  22. How do I have healthier relationships with the individuals who surround me in my life?

  23. How should I manage my daily tasks in order to increase my productivity?

  24. How do I manage the tasks which need to get done but are not getting done right now in my life?

  25. How do you meditate, how can I add this to my daily routine and how long should I be meditating for?

  26. How can I train my body to drink more water?

  27. How can I add more foods which are healthier for me into my diet?

  28. How can I begin to reduce my stress levels?

  29. How can I begin to develop healthy coping strategies?

  30. What self-care activities should I be doing?

  31. How can I have a better relationship with my boss or supervisor?

  32. How can I sleep better and get an adequate amount of sleep?

  33. What activities do I need to be doing in order to feel better overall?

  34. How can I self-reflect?

  35. How often should I journal and when should I be doing this?

  36. How can I know if I need to go on vacation?

  37. How can I become less angry and instead become more calm, relaxed and have patience?

  38. How can I become a better parent?

  39. How can I become a better partner?

  40. How do I know if I need to make a career transition?

  41. How can I begin saving money?

  42. How can I become more mindful when I am making important decisions?

  43. How can I learn to communicate effectively with difficult people?

  44. How can I begin to learn to be less avoidant?

  45. How can I begin to communicate more effectively?

  46. How can I begin to perform better at work?

  47. What are the best ways in which I can enhance my overall well-being?

  48. How can I have a better relationship with my siblings and my family members?

  49. How can I begin to worry less about the things which are out of my control?

  50. How can I begin getting my body to feel more relaxed and calmer?

  51. What is my WHY?

  52. How can I figure out what is missing in my life right now?

  53. How do I know what I want?

  54. What do I need the most in my life right now?

  55. What will things look like after I have been successful?

  56. What obstacles do I expect to face and how can I approach these obstacles?

  57. How can I begin to move forward and begin to feel less stuck?

  58. What can I do to improve my situation?

  59. How do I know what is draining my energy or what is giving me energy?

  60. Who do I need to become to succeed?

  61. How can I solve a problem, so it never comes back?

  62. How can I learn from my problems so that it never happens again?

  63. How can I begin to start saying no more?

  64. How do I become crystal clear with what I want?

  65. How can I create more value with less effort?

  66. How do I figure out the outcomes I am looking to achieve?

  67. How can I become less fearful?

  68. How do I know who is adding value to life right now?

  69. How do I begin to address my challenges?

  70. How can I know the difference between something that is a want or a need?

  71. How can I begin to let go of the things which are no longer serving me?

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