New month - What would you like to let go of and what would you replace it with?

Hello, happy first week of March and what a great way to begin changing some of those old habits into different habits. Are there any habits which you want to let go of and begin working on establishing behaviors which will benefit your life purpose. Some things clicked for me this week once I realized it was a new month. I realized how this is a great time to begin thinking about implementing new life changes. I realized how it is a great time to sit and think about ways I could improve my well-being. I asked two people what they wanted to let go of this month and asked what they would replace it with. I received some really good answers. Then I continued thinking briefly about what I could let go of. I answered the same question.

What would you want to let go of and what would you like to replace it with? I want to let go of the habit of allowing myself to not drink enough water. Instead, I realized I would replace not drinking enough water with saying, "I will drink plenty water and will write check marks in my journal to keep track of the amount of water I am intaking daily."

So now you might be wondering what you would like to let go of. Is there something you know would help you feel better if you let go of it? Some ideas might be letting go of drinking soda and choosing to drink more water. Do you want to stop binge watching Netflix shows and watch things which will help you learn something new? Would you like to stop eating foods which make you feel badly and choose to eat foods that benefit you and make you feel good? Do you want to stop reacting to people or events and respond instead? Do you want to stop saying yes to everything and begin practicing saying no? Do you want to change not exercising enough and begin adding more light exercise to your days? Would you want to let go of having bad days and begin having more feel-good days? You could also use this month to start by adding small things you want more of in your life. You might want to establish a new morning/nighttime routine. Would you want to go on a walk in the morning or do something you enjoy before you start the work day? What do you want your life to look like? Do you want to have more feel good activities in your day? It is your life and your story to tell. You have the choice to stay where you are at or you can try something different. An idea you might want to start with is to begin by journaling about your life. Think about who you want to become, how do you want to show up in the world, what changes do you want to make and think about the benefits of these changes you might want to make. Journal about what you believe is not benefitting you any longer and what you would want to do differently. It might begin to spark something for you!

-Blessings, Saige

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