What motivates you the most to get out of bed every day? Does this depend on where you are at in your life? Is work going really well? Do you love your job? Are you motivated to make money so you can care for yourself more? Are looking forward to beginning making changes in your life will help you enhance your well-being? Are you excited to get up and begin your morning routine? Did you get a restful night of sleep and woke up feeling well rested and are you ready to take on the day? Are you looking forward to spending time with the people you love most? Do you ever have days where you just want to lay in bed all day and not get out of bed? But somewhere you are able to get up and you figure out a way to be productive anyways and feel good. You are so strong! Are you ready to let go of what is no longer serving you and change one thing which will help you begin to feel better? Is your motivation to spread more love into the universe and continue to touch other people's life. Do you want to spread more kindness and happiness into the universe? Are you pumped to get up and begin moving your body and begin to fuel your body with feel good things? Begin to think about what most motivates you and what you are most passionate about. You will remember to get the most out of each day. Feel good in your body and do things each day which will enhance your well-being. If you ever feel stuck and where you are not sure of what you are supposed to be doing STOP! Think about this for a moment and write down what your motivations are before you continue living your day! Be mindful of how you want your day to go. Journal in the morning and be intentional of what the most motivational factors in your life are. What helps you to stay focused in order for you to reach your goals? What is your motivation behind the work you are doing in your life right now! Are you getting the most out of your days? Celebrate small wins & not just the big ones. Spread love and love yourself. Express your gratitude & journal about it. Be mindful of the why behind your decisions, choices, and your life. Self-reflect. Check in with yourself! If you are feeling stressed, anxious, worried, or frustrated figure it out and take a moment. Self-care and take good care of yourself so you can keep going. Be intentional of how you treat yourself. Establish healthy boundaries with your work and home life. Tune into your body and stay connected with it. Life is happening for you. Continue growing, accept the challenges in your life and do not try and fill the void. Allow yourself to be and feel uncomfortable you never know what might happen for you. Be confident in the choices you are making. If you make a mistake forgive yourself and allow yourself to try again. Speak kindly towards yourself. Use your coping skills. Allow yourself to try new things. Let go of the need to control how every single detail of your life will go. Just let things happen and remember what motivates you to get out of bed each day and what exactly it is that keeps you going! Allow yourself to spend time doing more of the things you love. LIVE!!! Limit overthinking and worrying about what you are unable to control!

Love your life!


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