1. Be grounded, balanced, and connected with the earth each day. Get to know your self and what your passions are. Learn what you do really care about.

  2. Knowing your strengths & what it is which brings you the most joy. Knowing what your core values are and what you believe in.

  3. Living your life in a way which is aligned with the future vision you have for yourself.

  4. Dream more and worry less about what might not happen.

  5. Get the most out of each day that you can.

  6. Surrounding yourself around people and things which do not drain and soak up your energy.

  7. Connecting with the universe and being out in nature.

  8. Journaling about the good things which are happening in your life.

  9. Identifying your automatic thoughts and shifting your thoughts to become more positive ones.

  10. Knowing what your needs are and listening to what your body/heart is telling you daily. Also have a healthy balance between your wants and needs.

  11. Increasing your self-esteem and self-confidence.

  12. Change the way you are speaking towards yourself.

  13. Not letting what others say to you upset your mood and how you feel.

  14. Establish healthy boundaries with yourself and the people who are in your everyday life.

  15. Listen & establish effective and use active listening skills. Be present when you are with someone, and they are talking.

  16. Accept and be okay with silence. Sitting and being in the silence could be good for you. You can use this time to sit in meditation & totally relax your body.

  17. Keeping an open mind about yourself, how you view the world and the people in your life.

  18. Establish a healthy support system and have individuals you trust and can connect with when you are needing someone to talk to.

  19. Having effective coping skills and develop a self-care plan for yourself. Self-care can look different each day.

  20. Having a balanced diet and eating the foods which you know will and make you feel good.

  21. Drinking plenty of water & staying hydrated. But still drink your coffee as well.

  22. Begin doing nice things for yourself.

  23. Knowing, accepting it is okay to say no & you do not have to say yes to everything.

  24. Accepting that you do not have to control every aspect of your life. You are not always going to be in control of how your life is going to go.

  25. Being in the present moment of your life.

  26. Take some vacation time or alone time if you feel as if you are on the urge of being burned out.

  27. Establishment of both short-term & long-term goals.

  28. Feeling all of your feelings. Allowing yourself to feel them and not hold them in is so important. There is no need to allow yourself to bottle up your emotions and hold them in.

  29. Knowing that if you have strong emotions that this is not a bad thing. They are good and this means you are human. Also if you are having strong emotions this does not mean that you are weak.

  30. Know what you are most passionate about and begin to be mindful of the things, people you are speaking and saying yes to.

  31. Learn to be patient with yourself and with others. Also accepting what the universe is trying to tell you and teach you.

  32. Establishing healthy and effective problem-solving skills which help you move through any barriers and challenges you want to overcome.