How do you measure your life?

  • Money, wealth, ability to budget/save, what you are spending your money on and how mindful you are about where your money goes.

  • How much you are able to get done in one day or how much do you push yourself.

  • How hard you are working when you are trying to complete everyday tasks.

  • How big of a space you live in or how clean and organized your personal area is.

  • How many friends you have and how many people like and enjoy talking to you.

  • How much time you are able to spend doing activities which you enjoy and get the most excitement out of

  • The amount of happiness and fulfillment you are getting out of your job.

  • How safe and comfortable you feel in your environment.

  • Through your spiritual or religious beliefs

  • How much time you allow yourself to get rest at night?

  • The life choices you are faced with to make each day.

  • How other people feel and think about you.

  • The number of times you say no or say yes in a day, week, or month.

  • How you measure a day, month, or year in your life

  • How often you feel happy throughout the day, month, or a year.

  • Education level; high school, bachelors, master's degree

  • The stability of your mental health

  • How you measure your well-being

  • Comfort level: self-esteem, how comfortable you feel in your body, how comfortable you feel in your environment.

  • Need/wants.

  • Where you live

  • How often you travel or how often you are able to spend time outdoors and in nature.

  • How hard you are on yourself or how much you spend pushing yourself.

  • Where you want to end up in your life, who you want to become, what you want to accomplish throughout your life.

  • Self-worth

  • Overall health

  • What you think about

  • How you communicate with yourself

  • Personality

  • How hydrated you feel and how many good days you have

  • The number of feel-good activities you allow yourself to participate in each day.

  • The amount of joy and happiness you feel in an hour, day, one month or three months.

  • How much you are able to stay in the present moment and allow life to happen for you.

  • How much you are allowing yourself to feel uncomfortable and be in the void.

  • How much structure, space and sweetness do you have in your life.

  • How often you are spending on social networking, twitter, Instagram, snapchat, Facebook, reading the news or reading books.

  • How much television you watch or how much time you spend binge watching Netflix.

  • Your relationships

  • How private or public you make your life.

  • How confident you feel about yourself and with whatever you are doing in your life.

  • How often you spend in the gym or how often you spend working out.

  • How well you take care of yourself.

  • The amount of time you spend worrying, overthinking, or thinking about how much you would like your life to be different.

  • How often you spend planning how you want your life to be.

  • How you feel about not being able to control how every minute of your day will go

  • How you manage your emotions, how much time you spend crying, worrying, feeling anxious or stressed, feeling angry, feeling happy, laughing, feeling loved, full of joy and happiness, how content you feel, how comfortable you feel or how grateful you feel about how your life is NOW.

  • How do you measure a good day or how do you know when you are having one?

  • How often you spend time doing activities you get full from or the most fulfilment.

HUGS, Saige

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