20 activities which will help you have a successful day!

1. Wake up at the same time each day and develop a morning routine that will help make you feel good before jumping into the busy productive workday.

2. Do not begin your workday right after you roll out of bed. (START THE MORNING ROUTINE) I know during the pandemic it might be hard to not get into this habit. Give yourself 30-45 minutes to do your morning routine before you begin the work day.

3. I try to not look at my phone first thing when I wake up in the morning. Unless it is looking at positive affirmations.

4. The first task I complete wake up is that I begin journaling. During this time when you first wake up in the morning write down three things which you are most grateful for. The three things I wrote down are my father, my break right now before the next semester of master’s degree and morning coffee. I also wrote down the worries that I had when I woke up this morning. These are the things that I do not want to take into the day with me. I allowed myself to write these things down on paper so that I did not have to take them with me into the rest of my week.

5. Enjoy morning cup of coffee or tea while journaling and writing down your intention for the day.

6. Write down in your planner the tasks which need to be accomplished for the day. (TO DO LIST)

7. Intention setting: Set an intention for the week/day. This will be something that is purposeful and will help you to have a positive healthy and productive week. Some examples of intentions are I intend to lead by example, I intend to first respond and then react.

8. My intention for this week is to be more self-confident and to have a healthy balance between my work and life outside of work.

9. Going on a morning walk/yoga in the morning. It is helpful to go out and be in nature for a period of time. This can be your time where you allow yourself to become grounded and you can focus on being mindful of what your breathing is like in the morning. Is your breathing really fast and do you need to work on slowing down your breathing? Become mindful of this and work on slowing down your breath.

10. Reading positive affirmations and this is something that I do on Pinterest while I am drinking my coffee and water in the morning. Whatever word you are feeling you want more of in your day you can search. This morning I searched for positive affirmations for motivation. You can also search for positive affirmations for happiness, faith, and strength.

11. Meditate! If this is something you are not familiar with maybe you can start with one to three minutes in meditation. Meditation can be challenging because it might be something which is out of our comfort zone.

12. Eating a healthy breakfast. If you are not a breakfast eater like me then eat something small like a granola bar, some cereal or fruit. Another idea is to have a smoothie for breakfast to hold you over until lunch time.

13. Drinking a glass of water in the morning when you wake up and before each meal.

14. Stretching in the morning to help wake your body up.

15. Schedule exercise into your day and this can be 30-45 minutes a day. When I am choosing what exercise, I should do for the day I make sure it is something that is for what I need in the moment. Some examples are cardio, strength training or a full body workout.

16. Take short breaks throughout the work day.

17. Reading for 10-20 minutes something that is not work related.

18. Be aware of your agreements and what you are saying yes to. Don't make too many agreements. Be mindful about not overbooking yourself. If you have a habit of making a lot of agreements and then you are left feeling overwhelmed make smaller agreements.

19. If you are working from home right now make sure your work space is clean for the day.

20. Be aware of your thoughts and how you are feeling throughout the day. Establish a healthy work life and home life balance! :)

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